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As a Mining Engineer, I started my involvement with space development from the aspect of the engineering of materials exploitation on the Moon and Mars. At the time, I asked myself why mankind should spend resources on such efforts when there are so many goals yet to be achieved on Earth.

I found my answer in the diversion of Earth crossing asteroids. This was before the movies in the 1990's that have both alarmed and mollified the public. I still feel that this is the most important aspect of space exploration and if the community of space enthusiasts would combine behind this goal adequate funding would ensue.

Attached is a white paper I wrote for my company to explain this position at the time.

Kevin Ashley

Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards
Artist's concept of a catastrophic asteroid impact with the early Earth. An impact with a 500-km-diameter asteroid would effectively sterilize the planet. The Earth may have experienced such gigantic impacts in its youth, but fortunately today there are no projectiles this large to threaten our planet. Artist: Don Davis (No Copyright - see NASA "USE" policy)
NEODyS provides information and services for all Near Earth Asteroids. Each NEA has its own dynamically generated home page providing information and services, and a search facility puts the information in easy reach.

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