A New DVD Documentary

·         How will we feed, house and employ ten billion humans by the year 2050?


·         What happens when the oil runs out.


·         When oil runs out, food runs out.


·         The threats of nuclear fission.


·         Our effects on the environment, the health of the planet and our fellow creatures.


·         By 2050 we will need three times a much power and it will have to be three times as clean.


·         There is no technology now on line, or capable of coming on line by the year 2050  that can solve our energy problem.


·         In the next hundred years there’s one chance in four hundred and fifty five of a species ending-cosmic event.

But don’t worry.


We’ve developed Space Techology.  We’ve developed a way to turn a cosmic threat into an asset. When we learn what we need to, to colonize the moon, we will be able to use that knowledge to protect the people on earth and our home planet.


This new work, for the first time, expresses clear and do-able solutions to the crises facing us.


·         Space Solar Power is clean, renewable, and could replace polluting fossile fuel plants.


·         Lunar Solar Power would build collectors out of lunar material and microwave power back to earth.


·         Power from Moondust.  Four tons of 3Helium could power the U. S for a year in Fusion Reactors, and would be worth 8 Billion Dollars.


We can and will do it. We have already spent a trillion dollars on space technology. Now its time to build on what we started forty years ago.


It’s not rocket science anymore


You don’t need to invent anything new. We can colonize the moon with current technology. It’s just engineering..


How will we live and work on the moon.  What it will be like to fly on wings in the one-sixth lunar gravity.  Why we will live in lavatubes under the surface. How, we can travel a thousand miles an hour in maglev bullet trains.  Why the Moon is a stepping stone to the Solar System, to nearby Stars, to the Future.


Emmy Award Winning Documentary Producer/Director Charles Proser presents Gaia Selene, a new documentary on the exciting New Frontier and the future of “Homo Spaciens”.


“The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth”.  The Ours!”





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