Ground-Based Observation of Near-Earth Asteroids by Michael J. Gaffey

Asteroid Resources by John S. Lewis

     The Asteroid-Meteorite Relationship

     Meteorite Classes

     Meteorites as Sources of Volatiles and Metals

     Mechanical Properties of Meteorites

     Asteroid Orbits

     Asteroids as Targets for Resource Exploitation

Lunar Resource Evaluation
and Mine Site Selection by A. Edward Bence

     Return to an Apollo Site

          Oxygen Production

          Metal Extractions

          Bulk Material

          Other Site Considerations

     New Sites


Lunar Site Characterization and Mining by Charles E. Glass

     Specific Parameters for Mine Design

     Requirements of the Lunar Mining System

          Throughput Requirements

          Ruggedness of Equipment

          Design Simplicity


          Work Force Requirements

          Low Weight and Cost

          Equipment Testing



Table of Contents